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Book 1 in the Kira Hunter Series:
Beneath the Waves

From author Nora Cabot comes the first novella in the thrilling Kira Hunter series.

Mysterious notes left in her bedroom from a long dead friend. A killer on the loose. Kira must use her investigative skills to solve the mystery of her past before she or someone close to her pays the ultimate price.

Private Investigator Kira Hunter has just moved back to her home village of Wayhill when she finds the first note on her bed. At first, she plays it off as a prank by a local kid.

But as the intimate harassment intensifies, Kira begins to lose control when old ghosts come back to haunt her. The complications pile up when she finds her next-door neighbor murdered and it’s clear the danger is closer to home than she could ever have known.

With urgency mounting, Kira finds herself up against a stubborn, conservative police department, a tragic past, and her own faltering confidence. Will she be able to stop the killer before time runs out? Find out in this chilling novella by clicking the link below.

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Book 2 in the Kira Hunter Series: Rising Tide

From Hunter, to hunted.

In this second novella of the gripping Kira Hunter series, renewed from finally putting Rohan behind bars, Kira hopes to return to the case. Only to be met with an iron fist by the sheriff who insists she isn’t ready to take on such a personal assignment.

Then, Rohan escapes. And Kira is back on the case – on one, revolting condition. She must team up with her one true nemesis, a PI she swore she would never trust again.

It turns out the sheriff was right. Because the case just got more personal.

Once Kira learns to play fair, what she uncovers a trail of corruption so deep it will not only shock her beliefs to the core but walk her right into the face of her nightmares.

And the very real possibility that she won’t make it out alive.

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About Nora Cabot

About Nora Cabot

Nora Cabot is a first-time author in the mystery genre. She’s the wife of a very understanding and overall all-star husband. They live in Ontario, Canada with their young son and two cats. During her free time, she often has her nose in “another one mystery book” (as her toddler likes to say) or watching The Office for the 87th time.

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Nora loves to hear from her fans. If you have any feedback or questions, please contact her through email at or by filling out the form below.